Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA)  
  A NSW Authority responsible for the commercial and public management of 400 hectares of real estate including: The Rocks, Darling Harbour, the White Bay Power Station and the Rozelle railway yards. SHFA also place manages the Circular Quay promenades, King Street Wharf promenade and the Luna Park reserve. The Authority's role under Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Act 1998 (NSW) is to:

(a) to protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the foreshore area;

(b) to promote, co-ordinate, manage, undertake and secure the orderly and economic development and use of the foreshore area, including the provision of infrastructure; and

(c) to promote, co-ordinate, organise, manage, undertake, secure, provide and conduct cultural, educational, commercial, tourist, recreational, entertainment and transport activities and facilities.